Kosovo police arrest 10 over fight in Mitrovica

NEWS 28.09.2021 09:45
Source: N1 (arhiva)

The Kosovo police arrested 10 people involved in a mass fight in Mitrovica South on Monday evening.

The KoSSev news portal reported the police as saying that 10 people, including two minors, were arrested for assaulting 11 others in front of the offices of the Kosovo Agriculture Ministry in the mainly Albanian part of the divided city. The police confirmed that the case was handed to two Serb prosecutors indicating that the perpetrators are Kosovo Serbs. It said that eight were ordered into custody and the two minors were released.

The police did not disclose the possible reasons for the fight.

The Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo said that the assault on what it says was a group of Serbs who were in Mitrovica South for administrative purposes is an impermissible incident and the result of Pristina’s activities and the fact that police special units have been provoking Serbs at border crossings.

Tensions have been high in the north of Kosovo over the past week after the authorities in Pristina decided to deny entry to vehicles with Serbian license plates following the expiration of a part of the Brussels Agreement that allowed official Belgrade to ban vehicles with Republic of Kosovo (RKS) license plate from entering Serbia proper. Local Serbs blocked roads leading to border crossings and the Serbian authorities put some military units on high alert while Pristina deployed its police special unit ROSU in the north of Kosovo.