Kosovo PM, Serbian official trade accusations, warn of violence

NEWS 10.08.2022 15:53
Source: N1

Officials in Belgrade and Pristina launched a fresh exchange of accusations on Wednesday, blaming each other for the recent road block protests at border crossings.

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti repeated his claim that the road blocks were not set up independently by the Kosovo Serbs but by the Serbian authorities. “I know that the barricades that appear frequently in the north do not come from below but from above. They do not represent you, our citizens, nor do they protect you. On the other side, the Kosovo police and other security institutions are made up of our citizens and are at the service of the citizens,” Kurti told a meeting of his cabinet, Belgrade-based Beta news agency said.

Kurti’s words drew a reaction from the head of the Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo Petar Petkovic who said that the Kosovo Prime Minister was waging a policy of threats and blackmail, adding that his latest statements confirmed that he wants a conflict and enjoys speaking of war every day.

“Kurti has violated all agreements and is preparing violence in the north (of Kosovo) with his unilateral decisions on Serbian license plates and personal documents,” Petkovic is quoted as saying in a press release from his Office. According to Petkovic, Kurti is continuing with his militant plans which are intended to expel the Serbs and Serbian state institutions from Kosovo. “He will not manage that,” Petkovic said.