Kosovo PM says EU wants Belgrade-Pristina meeting over license plates

NEWS 22.09.2021 18:02
Source: N1

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti told reporters on Wednesday that European Union officials want Belgrade and Pristina to meet over the vehicle license plate issue.

Radio TV Kosovo (RTK) reported him as saying that European Union High Representative Josep Borrell and his envoy Miroslav Lajcak suggested the meeting, adding that he is open for meetings but that “the Serbian side is refusing”.

According to Kurti, the decision to refuse entry to vehicles with Serbian license plates was in line with the law and can be revoked if the Serbian authorities do the same. Under an agreement reached by Belgrade and Pristina which expired earlier this month, drivers had to replace their RKS (Republic of Kosovo) license plates with temporary Serbian plates

“We don’t want Serbia or Kosovo to have temporary license plates. We want to allow free movement for everyone,” Kurti said.