Kosovo PM announces aid for southern Serbia’s Albanians

NEWS 11.01.2021 18:55
Avdulah Hoti
Izvor: Armend NIMANI / AFP

Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti announced a program of aid for three southern Serbia municipalities with large Albanian minority populations.

Speaking after a meeting with members of the Albanian minority from the Presevo valley, Hoti said that an agreement would be signed early next week on a Kosovo government Bureau program for Presevo, Bujanovic and Medvedja. He said that a report on the economic situation in the Presevo valley would be drafted in February.

“Work will also start on the preservation of cultural heritage in February and we will send textbooks for Albanian students in the Presevo valley in September,” he said adding that other donations and aid would be secured for the Albanians in southern Serbia.


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