Kosovo official says mass grave excavation in Serbia soon

NEWS 26.04.2022 16:52
Source: N1 (ilustracija)

The head of Kosovo’s Missing Persons Commission Andin Hoti said on Tuesday that excavations are due to start soon at an alleged mass grave site in Serbia.

Local media in Pristina quoted him as saying that an urgent demand for satellite images for the site had been made to the International Committee of the Red Cross, adding that there has been no response to the demand from partner countries yet. Hoti said the location of the alleged mass grave site will be disclosed soon.

He said that Kosovo officials demanded that European Union officials mediating the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue set conditions for Serbia on information about missing persons. “Our first demand was conditions for Serbia. Our second demand was EU guarantees on a deadline by which Serbia has to provide information about missing persons and the third demand was to open all Serbian secret documents about the Kosovo war,” he said.