Kosovo government: No talks on documents or license plates in Brussels

NEWS 07.08.2022 13:32
Source: N1

The Kosovo Government's decisions on reciprocity for personal documents and license plates will not be considered at the meeting between Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on August 18 in Brussels, the Kosovo government said.

The reason for this, the statement said, is the fact that these issues were foreseen in earlier Brussels agreements, so they cannot be the topic of discussion.

In a statement for the Pristina-based agency Kosovapress.com, government spokesman Perparim Kryeziu did not specify what will the agenda include but he explained that there will be no meeting at the level of the main negotiators before the high-level one.

„We will inform you about the agenda of the meeting in a timely manner. Decisions on license plates and documents for entry and exit are government’s decisions that are foreseen in the agreements agreed upon by the parties in the past, therefore they cannot be the subject of discussion at this meeting,”, the spokesman said.


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