Kosovo ex-intelligence chief says Serbian service tried to kill PM

NEWS 12.04.2022 08:59
Source: Pixabay/ Leonhard_Niederwimmer

A former head of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency (KOA) said on Tuesday that the agency prevented an attempt on the life of then Prime Minister Hashim Thaci by Serbian secret services.

Bashkim Smakaj told Pristina-based T7 cable TV that the attempted assassination was planned during the Kosovo national team’s football match. “Security institutions prepared very well for those games in Kosovo. Recall the ban on the entry of BIA (Serbian Security Intelligence Agency) agents in 2009 and 2014 when the first game was played. We prevented an attack that the Serbian secret service launched against our leader to destroy the festive atmosphere,” he said. The Kosovo police arrested the BIA agents in 2009 for attempting to buy information on organ trafficking.

Smakaj claimed that a sniper had been recruited from elite Serbian forces who, according to him, “did not deny that the Serbian service was planning something”. “Our partners and I sent a message to Serbia to stop and arrest him and he was arrested,” he said.