Journalist: Women in Serbia are poorly protected

NEWS 24.09.2022 17:10
Source: N1

Journalist of the daily newspaper Danas, Jelena Dikovic, told N1 that women in the country are poorly protected and left to their own devices and that examples of violence against them can be seen every day.

She pointed out that more than twenty murders of women have been recorded since the beginning of the year, and admitted that she carries pepper spray with her at all times for protection.

Due to the recent release of a convicted rapist who served his prison sentence, of the main topics in local media currently is how much control the country has when it comes to such cases. Dikovic said Serbia’s women must defend themselves because „the system does not work“.

“If the state was capable, he would certainly have supervision after his release from prison, and all sorts of other things, but that doesn’t work here,“ said Dikovic.

She also commented on the issue of the publication of the data of serial rapists and concerns that it could threaten their personal rights, saying that the priority should be the protection of women from such people.


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