Journalist under attack in Vojvodina

NEWS 10.03.2021 18:59
Source: N1

The Independent Journalists Society of Vojvodina (NDNV) said on Wednesday that it’s Program Director Dinko Gruhonjic was receiving death threats following attacks by pro-government tabloids.

“The latest articles in tabloids targeted Gruhonjic as an enemy of the state after he expressed his views in an op-ed piece. Gruhonjic feels that he is in danger, especially since the new attacks came just months after threatening graffiti was painted on the building that he lives in,” the NDNV said in a press release. It added that it would take all possible steps to protect Gruhonjic from the lies in the tabloids which it said were assaults on freedom of expression.

The NDNV said that Gruhonjic and other members had been living under daily pressure for years because they did their job or were critical towards the authorities.