Journalist: Serbia silent about events in Minsk because of fear of Russia

NEWS 30.05.2021 16:18
Source: N1

Belgrade is "shamefully silent" about the events in Minsk, which are an act of state terrorism because a plane of a European company flying between two European capitals was hijacked due to the imaginary danger of a bomb, said foreign policy commentator Bosko Jaksic, who argued that “fear of Russia” is behind this.

Jaksic argued that „Serbia’s non-reaction will remain a moral scar on the foreign policy of this country“, which is „zigzagging“ and „is only concerned about Kosovo“, which is why it is prepared to remain silent.

He reminded that last year, to the surprise of many, Serbia joined the European Union resolution and condemned the events during the presidential elections in Belarus, but that Serbia is now again put to the test and waiting to see if a request from Brussels for it to join the sanctions will come.

Serbia would probably reject such a request at this time, he said.


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