Jeremic: If election conditions do not change, we will not take part

NEWS 11.04.2021 16:05
Source: Fonet

I honestly think that no one alive, and certainly no one normal, cares about the relations in the opposition and I am convinced that there will be enough reason to act in the dialogue with the authorities, with the mediation of the European Union, to meet at least the minimum conditions for fair and honest elections, said leader of the People's Party, Vuk Jeremic on Sunday.

He said at the press conference on the Zemun quay that the People’s Party is for a united and consolidated appearance of the opposition, based on a common platform.

If it turns out that nothing has changed in the election conditions compared to the previous year, he pointed out, the People’s Party will not participate in the elections.

Jeremic said that he expected an invitation from the representatives of the European Parliament in the coming days, and stated that the People’s Party would participate in the dialogue, which he said was in the phase of talks with political actors.


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