Jankovic to help opposition find a „common language”

NEWS 11.08.2022 10:01
Source: Tanjug/ Rade Prelić

MP Vladeta Jankovic said the opposition needs to find a common language so it could “threaten the pernicious regime” of Serbian President and Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) leader Aleksandar Vucic, adding he was ready to mediate between opposition groups.

“A third of the Parliament is opposition-oriented. That is serious potential. What is very regrettable is the friction in the opposition. If there is anything I am afraid of it is that this opposition potential in the Parliament will be wasted because of a possible escalation of internal disputes between, first of all, the People’s Party (NS) and the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP),” Jankovic told the weekly Vreme.

Jankovic said that different opinions within the opposition are necessary and desirable, but that there should not be any quarrelling over who is going to sit where in the Parliament, in the committees and deputy parliament speaker seats, which mean nothing.

“I think we need practical communication in action. If the opposition really wants to threaten Vucic and his pernicious regime, they have to find a common language,” Jankovic said.

He said that, if the opposition invites him, he will try to mediate between opposition groups but added he was well aware that “mediators end up getting the worst of it.”

I will try, we will see what I will succeed in, said Jankovic, who was a United for Serbia’s Victory coalition candidate for Belgrade mayor.

Commenting on the authorities, Jankovic said “we have come to a grotesque situation – Vucic’s cult of personality has reached the proportions that only Stalin’s and perhaps Tito’s had at some stage, it can even be compared to some examples from the Far East.”