Intimidation ahead of Saturday protests in Serbia: police raided man’s flat

Source: n1

Two days after Milorad Petrovic called on people to join Saturday’s environmentalists’ protest across Serbia, the police raided his apartment in the western town of Ub, he told on Friday.

„I published a post on Facebook on Tuesday about the protest against Rio Tinto to which my friend and I will go together. I specifically said it had nothing to do with politics, that I will go as an ordinary citizen for the future of our children,” he said.

He also called on Ub people to organise a protest in their place on Saturday at 2 pm.

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“P.S. The protest has nothing to do with politicks and ousting anyone from power. We protest against bringing Rio Tinto into our beautiful Serbia,” Petrovic wrote.

And then on Thursday, he said he experienced “an unpleasant incident when a dozen of uniformed and plainclothes police officers with a court order came to my apartment on suspicion of arms and drug dealings.”

„I don’t have anything with such things; I socialise with normal people and come from a respectable family. I’m sure they (the police) came because of my Facebook call on protest. My parents were at home and were extremely upset when the police came,” Petrovic told

He said he would seek help where he could, adding the police wanted to show force and power to intimidate him.

“This happened to me but can happen to anyone. The police came to show power,” Petrovic added.


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