Interior Minister warns police won’t allow street riots in Serbia

NEWS 23.09.2021 11:09
Source: Tanjug/OMK MUP Srbije/bs

The police won’t allow any riots in the streets, and citizens can be at peace, Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia’s Interior Minister, has said Thursday.

The message seems to follow some opposition parties’ announcement of possible protests after the inter-party dialogue with the regime on elections condition hasn’t produced any result.

Vulin on Thursday addressed the heads of the Belgrade Police Department, recalling how successful the police officers were in preventing severe violence during the Belgrade Pride and anti-globalist rally last Saturday and during the soccer derby on Sunday.

“The members of Belgrade Police Department, Police Brigade, Gendarmerie, Special Anti-terrorist unit, Police Intervention units and the Criminal Police Directorate showed Belgrade was a safe city,” Vulin the meeting with the police bosses.

Some opposition parties have said they are left with no option but to protest against the regime, which won’t allow free and fair elections due in April 2022.

They later said the negotiations with the ruling coalition led by President Aleksandar Vucic and facilitated by the European Parliament members had not envisaged any mechanism for controlling what has been agreed and accused the MEPs of drafting their suggestions in an agreement with the authorities.

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Commenting on that, Vladimir Bilčík, one of the EP facilitators, denied the accusation, saying, “the working document on election conditions was not drafted with the Serbian authorities, adding that he refused to be drawn into internal political arguments.”



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