Interior minister: Bomb threats in Serbia recorded on every day of Final Four

NEWS 22.05.2022 13:57
Source: REUTERS/Marko Djurica

Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said it was not possible to stop bomb threats but that “preventive action is being taken 24 hours a day by sending police teams to the most important places such as shopping malls in the early morning”. He also said that the bomb threats were recorded on every day of the Final Four.

„Only North Korea can effectively stop this, cut off phones and the Internet, and we who are online cannot do that,” Vulin told TV Prva.

As he said, the police go to every place where they are called „but this is like corona (virus), we have to learn to live with it.“

According to the minister, the police responded to every call and the bomb threats were recorded on every day of the Final Four.

"We have preventively deployed our units and taken care to reduce the risk to a minimum. Then the management of the Final Four said – this is enough for us, we think it is a false report, let's play,” he added.

Vulin explained that law is such that “the head of security can say that the hall should be emptied or not, while the police act just a service.”

Speaking about the sanctions against Russia, the minister said he would always object it and that those who "insist on that want to break the spirit of this people".

"They want to say that we have no right to a friend, that they will choose a friend for us. We have the only free statesman in Europe, I don't know where Vucic gets that courage from to withstand pressure," Vulin told TV Prva.


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