Interior Min: Serbia’s police solved all 2020 five mafia murders; new EU aid


Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Friday that Serbia's police solved all five mafia murders committed last year and thanked Germany and UNDP for the aid to the police force in his country.

At the presentation of the newly donated forensic equipment to the National Center for Criminal Forensics, also attended by the German ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb and the Permanent Representative of the UNDP for Serbia, Francine Pickup, Vulin thanked the donors for their current and previous aid to Serbia’s police.

That, Vulin said, as quoted by the Interior Ministry (MUP) statement, would help the officers keep up with their colleagues in more prosperous and more developed countries and enable them to solve the most severe crimes and track down almost every criminal.

Scheib said that Germany, together with France and the European Union, was committed to improving law enforcement capacity in the fight against all types of crime.

„This donation is part of a regional roadmap supported by governments’ heads in the Western Balkans in 2018. It addresses all aspects of small arms and light weapons control,“ Shib said.

He added the latest donation was a part of a broader regional project funded by Germany with more than 5.5 million Euro.

Pickup said the modern equipment for investigations and forensic-ballistic expertise, donated on Friday, would help the police officers collect and analyse evidence faster, more efficiently, perform expertise, and store evidence in line with international standards.

„In this way, we are creating a safer environment for all people in Serbia and the region and contributing to achieving the goals of sustainable development, especially those that call for peace, justice and strong institutions and gender equality,“ Pickup said as quoted by MUP.