Incident in Montenegrin parliament

NEWS 25.03.2021 19:15
Source: Printscreen

An opposition MP threw a copy of the rules of parliament at Speaker Aleksa Becic after being told that he could not initiate a debate on protests in front of parliament.

Liberal Party MP Andrija Popovic tried to initiate a procedural debate on the protests on the streets of Cetinje and the strong police forces deployed all over the town.. The first spring session of parliament is traditionally held in Cetinje which was the capital of the Kingdom of Montenegro. This year a strong police presence waas deployed in the town with cordons set up to allow only MPs and state officials to the parliament building. The sitting includes a Q/A session with the prime minister.

A crowd of several hundred managed to gather near the building shouting slogans against both the ruling and opposition parties.

Popovic threw the copy of the rules of parliament at the speaker and walked out of the session.