Incident at United Group Belgrade headquarters

NEWS 24.03.2021 19:47
Source: N1

A security guard at United Group’s Belgrade headquarters was assaulted on Wednesday by a man who is known to have threatened N1 Program Director Jugoslav Cosic.

The attacker was identified as Bogoljub Pjescic, a man who falsely claimed to be an associate of former US President Donald Trump and a journalist working for the Breitbart News Network. The police were called in following Wednesday’s incident.

Pjescic threatened Jugoslav Cosic in 2019 as well as the late Beta news agency editor in chief Dragan Janjic. He claimed to be working for the US government at the time. Pjescic appeared on the pro-government O2 TV (now B92) and his appearance was condemned by journalist organizations and drew a reaction for the US Embassy in Belgrade.

A security guard at the United Group headquarters told N1 that he first heard a noise at the building entrance. “I saw a person in camouflage uniform and a badge on his chest arguing with security guards. I walked up to assist and recognized Bogoljub Pjescic who, as far as I know, used to be one of our associates. I recognized hum because we filed criminal charges against him several times because of threats to the company management,” the guard said, adding that Pjescic demanded to meet with the company management.

“None of those people were in the building, nor did he have an appointment. When he was told that he identified himself as a member of the military counter-intelligence service. He had some kind of ID but he quickly put it away. When we explained that he had no appointment but could wait, he forced himself through the security gates. Security guards tried to stop him but he wanted to force his way to the elevators. I walked up to him again to explain that he should schedule an appointment, that there is no one in the building and he waved the ID around again. He even hit me with it several times. He resisted while the guards took him away. I called the police and he left the building,” the guard said.

United Group includes N1 TV.