Hospital Director: Half as many Covid patients than 10 days ago

NEWS 20.11.2021 12:09
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Source: N1

The director of the Clinical-Hospital Center in Zemun, Dragos Stojanovic, stated that they currently have half as many examinations in the triage clinic as ten days ago, but that patients with moderate and severe symptoms often appear, which means that there should be no relaxation of measures, RTS reported Saturday.

Stojanovic said that during the last 24 hours, there were about 90 examinations in the triage clinic of that health institution, as well as that 11 patients who were referred to the hospital.

„If we recall that only seven to ten days ago we had between 150 and 180 examinations a day, we can conclude that now there are half as many as before. However, it is obvious that now patients with moderate and severe symptoms are coming for examinations, which sends us a message that we must not relax in any way,“ Stojanovic pointed out.

He emphasizes that the numbers on paper are smaller and that in practice it is easier, but that „this is still happening.“

„We anticipate the possible possibility of increased numbers again in the coming days, when students return to schools and when we’ll have celebrations. We also have cold weather and danger of the flu and covid combining,“ says Dr Stojanovic.


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