Hill: Serbia should follow the path towards the West

NEWS 02.07.2022 18:00

US ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill said that the citizens of Serbia are not in front of two roads with signs - one for the East, the other for the West, adding that the road to the East has been closed for a long time and there are repairs that need to be done.

But there is an open path to the West, Hill said, noting that this is the path that Serbia despite all the difficulties should follow.

It is up to the Serbian citizens to make a choice, Hill told the Danas daily.

If we look back in history, the ambassador said, we will see that many successful people in Serbia were part of Western civilization.

He stressed that he has regular meetings with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, and that, as he said, even though they do not agree on all issues, they will certainly continue to talk.

To the remark that it seems that the relations between Serbia and Kosovo are getting worse and worse, what would he say to Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, the US ambassador said that he has not been to Serbia for 23 years and that it is disappointing that there was no more progress in relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

He also noted that the crimes in Ukraine should be condemned by everyone because, as he pointed out, everyone sees what is happening – the destruction of cities, the killing of civilians, sending criminals from Chechnya to commit crimes.

Everything we thought about Russia is no longer valid. It is no longer the Russia we knew, the ambassador concluded.


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