Hill: Americans and Serbs do not like to be told what to do

NEWS 05.07.2022 15:55

US Ambassador to Belgrade Christopher Hill and First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Branko Ruzic opened Tuesday a two-day international conference on the history of 140 years long diplomatic relations between Serbia and the US.

Hill told the conference hosted by the Faculty of Political Sciences that relations on the European continent continue to be very important to the US.

Ambassador Hill said it was important to the US to have good relations with countries in Europe, including Serbia and that Americans and Serbs share a common character trait – they both do not like to be told what to do.

I think we can all do a better job understanding what our motivation is and how we see the future, said Hill adding he thinks both countries need to fundamentally better understand the logic of their relations.

Ruzic said improving cooperation with America was one of Serbia’s foreign policy priorities.