Head of citizens’ association: Djokovic’s credibility seriously shaken

NEWS 09.01.2022 15:37
Source: N1

The founder of the "New Optimism" movement, Branislav Guta Grubački, assessed that because of everything that is happening with Novak Djokovic in Australia, both his and the credibility of his family have been seriously shaken.

„The credibility of Novak Djokovic, as well as the Djokovic family, which has been saying unbelievable things in the previous days, has been seriously shaken. The Australian system is also questionable considering how it treats the best tennis player in the world,“ Grubacki told N1.

The Djokovic case gained new proportions after the world media published court documents in which Novak Djokovic’s lawyers stated that the best tennis player in the world submitted a positive PCR test dated December 16. In media reports, but also on social networks, the question arose how is it possible that Novak met with young tennis players a day after the test, and only nine days later played tennis in front of his building.

„We have a makeshift from the state, so it is not difficult for an ordinary person to find some kind of test forged for his own interests, let alone for Novak Djokovic,“ Grubacki said.

„Politics got involved in the issue, we are part of the election campaign in Australia,“ he said, adding:

„I can’t imagine what would have happened here if an Australian had done something like that, against the will of the local authorities.“

He emphasized that Djokovic is the best athlete of all time in Serbia, but that the fact that he plays tennis well does not mean that „we all need to follow every foolishness of his family“.


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