Grenell sides with Vucic in Twitter dispute

NEWS 20.08.2021 12:05
Source: N1

US diplomat Richard Grenell sided with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in the dispute with Twitter over the labeling of some Serbian pro-regime media as government affiliated.

Vucic said that Twitter was imposing censorship and added he can’t wait to have his account @Avucic blocked following the decision to label the two public broadcasters (RTS and RTV), TV stations with national frequencies (Pink, TV Prva, B92 and Happy) as well as the tabloids Kurir, Informer and Srpski Telegraf, Politika broadsheet daily and the Tanjug news agency as government affiliated (translated into Serbian as cooperating with the government). Social networks especially Twitter have been a major propaganda outlet for the Serbian authorities to date.

Grenell, President Donald Trumps former envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, said that Twitter was losing its influence, adding that world leaders have had enough of its hypocrisy.


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