Greece, Cyprus & Serbia Foreign Ministers will meet every six months

Selaković, Kristodulidis, Dendija
Source: Tanjug/ Tanja Valič

The foreign ministers of Greece, Cyprus and Serbia, Nikos Dendias, Nikos Christodoulides and Nikola Selakovic, respectively, agreed on Monday to respect the international law, exchange opinion, support each other and meet every six months.

The talks’ agenda included energy, migration, coronavirus pandemic, the strengthening of political and economic relations, digital market, tourism, agriculture and connecting academic communities and diasporas.

Selakovic thanked the two ministers for supporting Serbia’s integrity and sovereignty, adding Belgrade backed Athens in the borders’ dialogue with Ankara and Albania.

Christodoulides said the meeting focused on „anyway strong links between our three countries.“

„Our relations are strong, based on history, civilisation, culture and politics, and we aim to deepen our cooperation in those areas in which we have a common interest,“ he said, confirming his country’s decision not to recognise Kosovo’s independence.

Dendias told reporters that the tripartite meeting’s logic was to gather the countries that respect the international law.

He added Athens strongly supported Serbia’s road to the European Union and that the country belonged to Europe.