Government adopts decree on tourist vouchers

NEWS 27.06.2022 11:33
Ana Brnabić
Source: Tanjug / Slobodan Miljević

The Serbian Government adopted a decree on allocating and using funds for boosting the increase in tourist traffic by domestic tourists in Serbia in 2022 under which additional tourist vouchers have been approved, said the Serbian Government.

Vouchers in the value of 15,000 Dinar (1 Euro – 118 Dinar), that is, 10,000 Dinar for those who have already used up 5,000-Dinar vouchers, will be available to pensioners, the unemployed, beneficiaries of special rights, students and other categories of citizens.

The vouchers have to be used by October 31, 2022.

The implementation of the decree is expected to make a significant contribution to intensifying the use of the existing tourist offer in the Republic of Serbia, reducing the foreign exchange outflow and alleviating the negative impact of Covid-19, said the Serbian Government.