‘Go-Change’ says will block part of Belgrade and ‘Palace of Serbia’ on Tuesday

NEWS 14.02.2022 21:51
Source: N1

The director of the 'Go-Change' campaign, Savo Manojlovic, said late on Monday that the environmentalists would block parts of New Belgrade city's district and the 'Palace of Serbia' "where President (Aleksandar Vucic) would decorate people on the Statehood Day" on Tuesday.

The blockade will be organised from several directions in small groups of 20-30 people at noon, Manojlovic wrote on his Twitter account.

Representatives of the Association of Environmental Organisations of Serbia (SEOS) and the ‘Go-Change’ initiative seek a legal ban on the exploitation of lithium and boron and are camping outside Vucic’s office in central Belgrade on the fifth day.

Prince Philip, 40, the son of Serbia’s last crown prince of the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Alexandar Karadjordjevic, joined activists camping outside President Aleksandar Vucic’s seat in central Belgrade on Monday, accompanied by his wife, Princess Danica.

Philip wrote on his Twitter account his ancestors “built our state side by side with our peasants, without whom there is no state.”

He is the second son of Alexander and Princess Maria da Gloria of Orléans-Braganza.

Manojlovic told the Belgrade independent Beta agency on Sunday evening that no one from the Government had addressed them, adding it was possible for it to adopt the citizens’ request urgently.

Earlier on Monday, Vucic said that he did not plan to meet with the protesters and fulfilled the wishes „of self-proclaimed leaders and those who are protesting for their promotion.“

Activists said that regardless that the Parliament would be dissolved on Tuesday and the elections on April 3 called, they would continue to pressure the authorities.

Manojlovic on Sunday said the Government had until February 15 to adopt a law on a permanent ban of the exploitation of lithium and boron in the country or face a new mass protest on Tuesday.


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