Giaufret calls for joint response to war in Ukraine

NEWS 06.10.2022 12:37
Source: N1

European Union’s (EU) Ambassador to Serbia Emanuele Giaufret said that the Prague meeting will show that there is no alternative to EU enlargement and that there must be a joint response to the war in Ukraine.

Giaufret said the new summit has a new structure and organization, and that it includes everyone in Europe except Russia and Belarus.

We have 44 leaders from the EU, Western Balkans countries, Caucasus, Armenia, Turkey and many others. Of course, there are also the leaders of EU institutions and I am glad (Serbian) President (Aleksandar) Vucic will also be there, Giaufret told the Serbian state TV (RTS).

The first meeting of the European Political Community is under way in Prague which brings together EU leaders and 17 leaders of other European countries, including President Vucic.

Giaufret said Serbia is “European Union’s strong partner” and that the whole of the Western Balkans can join the EU together.

Serbia is committed to maintaining stability and wants to be a responsible player and makes an important contribution that we appreciate not only here in the Western Balkans but also beyond, said Giaufret.

He said that there needs to be a joint response to the war in Ukraine and that “we have to stop Russia’s war machinery together.”