German MP tells Serbian minister EU policy is not honest

NEWS 15.06.2021 21:24
Ministarstvo unutrašnjih poslova

The Serbian Internal Affairs Ministry said on Tuesday that a German MP told Minister Aleksandar Vulin that the European Union does not want Serbia to become one of its member states.

A ministry press release quoted Bundestag MP Alexander Neu of the Left Party as saying that EU policy towards Serbia is not honest and that it does not want the countries of the Balkans to become members. He said during a video conference with Vulin that he can’t explain how Berlin and Brussels treat Kosovo as a state but decide openly what Pristina can or can’t accept in its talks with Belgrade.

Vulin is quoted as thanking Neu for having the courage to tell the truth about Serbia and the difficult position of the Serb population outside the country. “Opposing the deep rooted opinion in Germany that Serbs are the bad guys deserves our full respect,” Vulin said. The press release said that he warned of danger to regional peace if Kosovo creates a military.