German Ambassador: Serbia should respond with us to Russia’s aggression

NEWS 27.06.2022 14:30
Tomas Šib, Iza vesti
Source: N1

German ambassador to Serbia Thomas Schieb said that democracy, freedom of thought and expression, independent institutions and human rights are extremely fragile concepts that need to be constantly defended, in extreme situations even by military means.

Schieb told the opening of the conference Democracy; a Minimal Consensus, organized in Belgrade by the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA), that the international order, based on rules, has been under huge pressure over the past few years which only increased with Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

The sanctions on Russia are not aimed against the Russian people but serve as an instrument to defend peace, democracy, freedom and values that the European Union is based on and this is why countries like Serbia should join in on the measures. This will help Serbia advance in the process of European integration but it is also a moral imperative, said Schieb.

The Ambassador said Germany wants Serbia to become a member of the European family and of the “community of values” which, he said, means strengthening the rule of law and democratic institutions, and added that the parliament plays a vital role in a democratic systems.

It has been three months since the elections, we all expect the parliament and the government to be formed. Democracy implies a lively debate of all actors, said Schieb and reiterated Germany’s strong support to the Berlin process.