General elections have kicked off in Bosnia and Herzegovina

NEWS 02.10.2022 08:58
Source: N1

General Elections have kicked off in Bosnia and Herzegovina where the names of 7,258 candidates are on the ballots. A total of 3,368,666 BiH citizens have the right to vote and elect members of the BiH Presidency, representatives in the BiH Parliament, as well as representatives in the Federation (FBiH) entity Parliament, the Republika Srpska (RS) National Assembly, and representatives in ten FBiH cantonal assemblies.

The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina elect a total of 518 persons who will be seated in the following authorities:

– Three members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– The President of the Republika Srpska entity, and two vice-presidents from different constituent peoples.

– 42 candidates are elected for the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 28 from the FBiH (21 direct mandates and seven compensatory mandates), and 14 from the RS, i.e. nine directly, and five are compensatory mandates.

For the FBiH Parliament, 98 deputies are elected, 73 directly, and 25 are compensatory mandates.

– 83 representatives are elected for the RS National Assembly, of which 63 are directly elected, and 20 are compensatory mandates.

When it comes to the cantons in BiH, 21 to 35 representatives are elected to the assemblies.

145 political entities (90 political parties, 17 independent candidates and 38 coalitions) have been certified to participate in the upcoming elections in BiH, but on the ballot, there will be a total of 127 political subjects because eight parties appear in elections only as part of a coalition, and 10 political parties do not have certified candidate lists, the Central Election Commission said.

Out of the total number of 3,368,666 voters, 14,222 of them are on the extract of the Central Voter’s Registry for voting by a mobile team.

Over 50,000 full-time and part-time election administration staff were engaged in the 2022 General Elections. The work of the election administration, the process of voting and the counting of votes will be monitored by nearly 60,000 accredited observers.

It is estimated that the General Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina will cost 12,528,000 Bosnian marks (approx. € 6.3 mil).


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