Fuel more expensive than ever, sales up by 13 percent

NEWS 10.08.2022 14:57
benzin benzinska pumpa gorivo dizel n1
Source: N1

The sale of gasoline and diesel in the first half of 2022 has significantly increased compared to the same period last year, yet fuel has never been more expensive, Secretary-General of the Serbian Association of Oil Companies Tomislav Micovic told N1.

Explaining that the current fuel prices are extremely high, Micovic said that the consumption of all motor fuels increased by 13 percent compared to the first half of 2021.

“The consumption of diesel is up by 16 percent, that of gasoline by six percent, while the sale of liquefied petroleum gas is down by a little over five percent,” said Micovic, adding that roughly three percent of the sales increase can be attributed to the natural growth rate, one percent to the returnees who earlier used to buy fuel in other countries, which leaves several percent of increased sales that cannot be explained.

Micovic said that those who used to supply themselves with gasoline and diesel in Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Hungary, especially trucks, now buy fuel in Serbia and added that everyone is now making sure they have more fuel in their tanks, especially those “whose business depends on fuel.”