Former Serbian police inspector says Vucic talked to people under surveillance

NEWS 01.04.2021 10:16
Aleksandar Vučić slušalice

A former Serbian police internal affairs inspector said on Thursday that the only way President Aleksandar Vucic’s phone calls could have been recorded was if he spoke to people under surveillance or used unprotected phones.

Former inspector Nebojsa Trbovic told the latest issue of Vreme weekly that Vucic was not under surveillance “but did talk to people who were”, adding that the president would use the fact that his phone calls were recorded to deal with people in the top ranks of the police. “He can remove them but he can’t arrest them. If we knew who Vucic was in contact with we could find out from the judge and prosecutor who ordered the surveillance what the whole thing is about, who ordered the wire-tapping and why,” Trbovic said.

“The story now is that the judge and prosecutor were deceived, given false requests for 26 people including (Serbia Right organization leader) Misa Vacic with the aim of wire-tapping Vucic,” he said. “I wonder why no one is talking about the prosecutor and judge who legalized the requests,” he added.

Trbovic explained that a wire-tapped phone’s microphone can remain “open” and can be recorded even without connecting to another phone. “That could be very unpleasant for Vucic because (former Internal Affairs Minister Nebojsa) Stefanovic could have found out a lot of things that way,” he said. According to him, Vucic is falsely claiming that his phone was illegally under surveillance. “The phones he uses are protected and that is not possible,” he said.

Trbovic said that Stefanovic and his close associate, former Ministry State Secretary Dijana Hrkalovic did not break the law but did violate Vucic’s confidence by not warning him about the wire-tapping. “We know that Vucic controls most people around him by blackmailing them and then allegedly protecting them – Stefanovic because of his fake diploma and the Krusik munitions plant scandal. Stefanovic learned a lot as Internal Affairs Minister and found ways to protect himself,” he said.