Former Serbia’ MUP official: Freedom for Def Min, omertà for Vucic

Source: N1

Milan Dumanovic, a member of the ‘Liberation' movement and former Serbia’s Interior Ministry (MUP) official, said on Monday the conflict between President Aleksandar Vucic and current Defence and former Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic would end in a compromise.

Commenting on Vucic’s ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) local boards voting to expel Stefanovic, Dumanovic said that he would not end up in prison because if he spoke out, Vucic’s political career would be over.

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“The most important thing for both Vucic and Stefanovic is that they are not linked to organised crime. The best friends would make a deal – Stefanovic will escape prison while Vucic will get omerta in return,” Dumanovic, MUP former inspector of the Criminal Police Directorate, said.

He said that as long as Vucic was the president, there would not be a fight against organised crime because most SNS officials in Belgrade and across the country were linked to different criminal groups.

“If Vucic starts a real fight against organised crime, he would have to destroy SNS since many officials will have to go to jail, Dumanovic said.