Former Kosovo PM says law suit against Serbia prepared in secrecy

NEWS 12.05.2021 14:43
Source: Tanjug / AP, Michael Corder

Former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said that he prepared a law suit against Serbia during his term in office.

Haradinaj told Pristina-based ATV that the law suit was prepared in secrecy with the help of experts. Prime Minister Albin Kurti said earlier that the authorities in Pristina would file suit against Serbia with the International Court of Justice, claiming that the Serbian authorities committed genocide during the Kosovo war.

“Kurti’s government has the completed job which was done in the best possible way under my leadership,” Haradinaj said adding that material gathered by “world famous experts” was on the table. He warned that the law suit should not go forward without the approval of those experts so that Kosovo could win in court and that it should be filed at the right moment and not used as a bargaining chip.