FM: Serbia’s foreign policy adjust to new situation in world; priorities remain


Serbia's foreign policy is fine-tuned in line with the new international circumstances, but its priorities remain, Nikola Selakovic, Serbia's Foreign Minister, has said on Tuesday.

„The first and foremost interest is to preserve good neighbourly relations, peace and stability in the region and the finding of a peaceful and just solution to Kosovo issue,“ Selakovic told the pro-government Politika daily.

He reiterated that Belgarde’s permanent goal was the full membership to the European Union.

„Regarding bilateral relations, we aim to strengthen ties with the traditional friends – the Russian Federation and China,“ Selakovic added.

Besides, he said, one of the most crucial foreign policy’s tasks was to improve the situation and protect the Serbs’ rights and identity in the region and support the diaspora.

Selakovic added it was too soon to speculate about Serbia’s relations with the new US administration.

„New Washington administration is currently pre-occupied with domestic issues, which will be so for some time. Some people in President Joseph Biden’s team have dealt with our region, and the Balkans and Serbia will probably be in the focus of American foreign policy at some point“ Selakovic said.