FM Selakovic: Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Belgrade proves Serbia’s reputation

NEWS 10.10.2021 12:54
Source: Tanjug/ Rade Prelić

The summit of the Non-Aligned Movement is one of the biggest gatherings in Europe and even the world this year, especially now that is taking place during the pandemic, said Serbian Foreign Affairs Minister Nikola Selakovic, adding that organising such an event only confirms Serbia's reputation.

Selakovic, who will be host of the meeting, said that the membership in the European Union remains Serbia’s strategic and essential goal but that Belgrade will not give up on its traditional friends – Russia, China and the Non-Aligned Movement.

“Belgrade and Serbia will show they are traditionally good hosts and will welcome the delegations from 105 countries and 11 organisations, with some 550 attendees of the event,” he added.

Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov will also attend the meeting.

“Bilateral meetings will be held throughout the summit. Russia as well as Serbia have been since July this year observers at the Non-Aligned Movement. Sergey Lavrov’s arrival means a lot because it further strengthens and empowers the nature and degree of this gathering, especially bearing in mind the energy crisis that is currently shaking the world,” stressed Selakovic.

The movement today gathers 120 member states and 17 observers, including Serbia.

“It is important to maintain the status of the observer, because Belgrade is the birthplace of the Non-Aligned Movement and its name stands next to the name of Josip Broz Tito in every talks with the representatives of the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement. This reputation is still alive. These are our friendly countries, and it is important that we are recognised in this movement as a reputable, sovereign country and they are not only happy about our success but also want to cooperate both on the political and economic level,” said the minister.

He believes that this can also influence a better understanding of the situation in Kosovo.

“Kosovo remains the main state and national issue, and the things we look up to our non-aligned friends and the values that the movement was built on, are a peaceful diplomatic activity, dialogue and absence of any sort of unilateralism. Because this vicious circle was created the moment when someone started to acknowledge a one-sided recognition of so-called independence as legitimate, the most of our non-aligned friends do not recognise it,” the minister underlined.

The Non-Aligned Movement was established in Belgrade in September 1961. This years annual summit will take place next week in Belgrade.


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