First glance at the new Serbian parliament

NEWS 22.04.2022 13:37
Source: Ministarstvo državne uprave i lokalne samouprave

The Serbian parliament will have 34 parties, movements and political groups with the biggest number of individual MP groups since the first multi-party elections in 1990.

The parliament will have 39 lawyers, 34 economists, 25 professors and 19 politicologists, 11 Mds and 11 pensioners as well as athletes, actors, former high-ranking military officers, an opera singer and a pilot. The number of women has dropped to 37.6 percent (94 MPs).

According to results released so far, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will have 95 of the 250 seats in parliament with 9 other parties sharing the seats won by the Aleksandar Vucic – We Can Do Everything election ticket. Former minister Rasim Ljajic’s Social Democrat Party of Serbia won 7 seats, the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia won 6 and the other parties on the SNS ticket will get 1 to 3 seats.

The Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) came in second with 23 seats and nine more seats won by its partners – Dragan Markovic Palma’s United Serbia (JS) and Greens Serbia leader Ivan Karic – on the Ivica Dacic Prime Minister of Serbia election ticket.

The United For Serbia opposition election ticket won 38 seats with Vuk Jeremic’s People’s Party (NS) winning 12, Dragan Djilas’ Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) winning 11, the Democratic Party (DS) 10, the Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) three, the Movement for Change (PzP), Sloga Union and Homeland Movement one seat each.

The opposition NADA movement won 15 seats – seven each to the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and Monarchists, one seat to retired army General Bozidar Delic and his No Turning Back – Serbia is Behind us movement.

The We Must (Moramo) coalition won 13 seats – five for the Don’t Let Belgrade D(r)own movement and four each to the Open Civic Platform Action and Ecological Uprising.

The Patriotic Block for the restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia (the Dveri Movement, Movement for the Renewal of the Kingdom of Serbia – POKS) won 10 seats with Bosko Obradovic’s dveri getting six and the POKS getting 4.

The only party that crossed the 3 percent threshold to win seats on its own was the Oathkeepers party (Zavetnici) with 10 seats.

Seats in parliament will also be held by five national minority parties – the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians will have 5 seats, Usama Zukorlic’s Party of Justice and Reconciliation will have 3, the Sandzak Democratic Action Party 2 and the Democratic Alliance of Craots in Vojvodina and the Together for Vojvodina Rusyn party will have one each.