Finance Minister: Serbia to financially support unemployed citizens, pensioners


Serbia's Finance Minister, Sinisa Mali, stated that in the third package of assistance to the economy and citizens, worth two billion euros, one of the novelties is that 60 euros will be paid to all unemployed persons in June and that all details about that payment will be known when the Government adopts the decision.

„Last year, the help was aimed at maintaining jobs, now we want to give some kind of support and optimism to those who are unemployed, and to cover some of their expenses,“ Mali told TV Prva.

He recalled that the registration of all adult citizens, who want the €60 from the state, starts on April 28, and that the first €30 will be paid in May and the other €30 in November.

„Also, each pensioner will receive €30 plus €30, as well as an additional €50, which is a total of 110 euros. The unemployed can also apply for these €30 plus €30, and with these €60 in June, they will receive a total of €120,“ said Mali.

He pointed out that all Serbs from Kosovo, including children, will receive the assistance of €100, while the unemployed in Kosovo can expect an additional €100, or a total of €200.


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