Fiat unionist: We are a step away from the solution

NEWS 05.07.2022 17:09
Source: N1

Workers of the Fiat Kragujevac plant had a meeting Tuesday at the Serbian Presidency building at which they discussed conditions of the social program and work in other factories.

Fiat workers’ union representative Sasa Djordjevic said they were a step away from a final agreement.

Djordjevic said they handed in a complete list of the so-called protected workers and added he hopes they will all keep their jobs.

The union asked for the speeding up of the process of employing in Kragujevac and Velika Plana factories those who received severance payments.

Workers have until Friday to choose between the two options of going to work abroad in Slovakia, those who do not will be fired, said Djordjevic.

He said a solution has not been found for the workers who signed up to go to Slovakia yet received severance payments.