Expert: Telekom Serbia – Serbia Post deal political decision

NEWS 14.10.2021 21:43
Telekom Srbija
Source: N1

What the state-owned Post of Serbia sold and what the state-owned Telekom Serbia bought remained unclear due to opposite claims of the two companies' CEOs, but an expert said it was a political decision to provide Telekom more users.

The deal’s details also remained secret. It was done without a public call, and the price was not discovered.

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The United Group’s SBB telecommunication provider wrote to Serbia’s Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, asking her to explain why there was no tender and why the cost of the transfer of property between two state-owned companies was hidden from the public.

The Research Publishing Centre Demostat also warned that the veil of secrecy surrounded Telekom Serbia’s new acquisition of a public company in the shadow of the affair over the purchase of English Premier League (EPL) broadcasting rights for the incredibly high price compared to what other countries have paid.

On Thursday, Milan Kovacevic, an advisor for foreign investments, said „transaction like this should not have happened.“

„I think that such gallimaufry was deliberately made because it is about a decision to concentrate as many as possible Telekom’s users for political reason. That is what the regime wants to do. Then those who carry that out violate many regulations while trying to create a transaction which is not justified either economically or logically,“ Kovacevic said.

The gallimaufry happened when Telekom’s CEO Vladimir Lucic claimed his company had bought the Post Office Net infrastructure, while at the same time, its CEO Zoran Djordjevic, a ranking official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and two-time cabinet minister, denied any wrongdoing, saying his company did not sell cable and Internet infrastructure, and that the optical infrastructure was not for sale.

Brnabic neither made any public comment on the deal nor did she answer SBB’s question about the transaction’s procedure which excluded any other potential company to compete at the expense of the state budget.




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