Expert says Serbia’s fruit harvest lower this year

NEWS 03.06.2021 20:57
Source: Shutterstock

An agriculture expert told the Beta news agency on Thursday that this year’s fruit harvest will be up to eight percent lower than in 2020 because of bad weather.

University Professor Zoran Keserovic said that the prices of all fruits can be expected to be higher than last year. He said that this year’s fruit harvest is expected to total about 1.5 million tons compared to last year’s 1.6 million.

He said that the low temperatures in February and March did the most damage to apricots and peaches, specifying that up to 70 percent of the apricot blossoms froze as did up to 35 percent of peach blossoms. He said that up to 20 percent of the cherry crop was damaged by frost, 15 percent of plums and 30 percent of the pear crop as well as 10 percent of apples.