Expert: 5G network can transform entire economy, attract investments

NEWS 25.02.2021 12:51
miloš stojković 5g
Source: Izvor: N1

Milos Stojkovic, a consultant for regulatory measures on the 5G network, told N1 on Thursday that revolutionary technology would change the way the world had functioned and could transform entire economies and attract more investments in the countries that had it.

„That is why it’s important to catch up with Europe. The countries will be measured by the quality of the 5G technology,“ he said.

Stojkovic recalled that the United Groups’ SBB internet provider submitted on Wednesday an official request to Serbia’s Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (RATEL) to launch a public bidding process for 5G ranges. He added it was not clear to him why Serbia postponed the auction for the end of the year without an explanation.

„If others join the race for frequency, the increased competitiveness will reduce prices and bring services of better quality,“ he said.

Stojkovic added it was now up to RATEL and the respective ministry to plan the development of the 5G network. „It’s important to motivate other industries to join in since the issue is of great social importance.“

He said that the reason given by the authorities was the financial situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Still, He added that even the European countries which made a break in introducing 5G had now speeded up the process.

„Twenty-four EU countries already use the 5G network in commercial services, and others are fastly preparing to do the same,“ Stojkovic said.

He added the 5G network „brings high internet speed and enables the most diverse applications, making life easier. It can be used in telemedicine. Helped by artificial intelligence and robots, a surgeon from one part of the world can operate on a patient away. It brings enormous speed, slight signal delay and unprecedented applications in industry.“