Ex Belgrade Criminal Police chief suspected of leaking secret information

NEWS 13.02.2021 13:42
Ilija Milačić
Ilija Milacic - Screenshot/ YouTube/ Studio B

The former chief of the Criminal Police in Belgrade, Ilija Milacic, was arrested on suspicion that he leaked official secret information, police director Vladimir Rebic said.

Rebic told TV Prva that could not provide any additional information since the investigation is being led by the internal control sector that is under the direct authority of the Minister of the Interior.

He said that authorities increased the level of security preparations for the recent ceremony of unveiling the monument to Stefan Nemanja based on information that members of the criminal group of Veljko Belivuk planned certain “activities” during the ceremony.

However, he said that President Aleksandar Vucic decided to show up and “probably because of that, they (members of the criminal group) gave up any activities” at the ceremony.

Authorities are yet to determine what the purpose of the sniper rifle that was confiscated from Belivuk’s group was, he said.


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