Eurostat: Min wages over € 1,500 in 6 EU states; Serbia only ahead of Albania

NEWS 28.01.2022 13:59
Source: Pixabay

"As of 1 January 2022, 21 out of the 27 EU member states have national minimum wages with Denmark, Italy, Cyprus, Austria, Finland and Sweden the exceptions," and they range from above 1,500 in six countries to below 1,000 euros in 13 of them, according to Eurostat report on Friday.

Serbia stood ahead of the potential candidate Albania’s 401 euros but below North Macedonia’s minimum salary in January 2022, the report said.

„All candidate and potential candidate countries with a national minimum wage belong to group 2, with minimum wage levels ranging from Purchasing Power Standard (PPS) 401 in Albania to PPS 888 in Montenegro,“

It added that „in January 2022, 13 Member States, located in the east and the south of the EU, had minimum wages* below €1,000 per month: Bulgaria (€332), Latvia (€500), Romania (€515), Hungary (€542), Croatia (€624), Slovakia (€646), Czechia (€652), Estonia (€654), Poland (€655), Lithuania (€730), Greece (€774), Malta (€792) and Portugal (€823),“ the Eurostat said.

According to the report, the January minimum wages in Slovenia was €1,074 and  in Spain  €1,126 per month, while in the remaining six member states, minimum wages were above €1 500 per month: France (€1 603), Germany (€1,621), Belgium (€1,658), the Netherlands (€1 725), Ireland (€1 775) and Luxembourg (€2 257).“



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