EU: Trial of Kosovo Serb contrary to Brussels Agreement

Source: Evropska komisija

The European Union said late on Wednesday that court proceedings against Ivan Todosijevic, a Serb List MP in Kosovo Parliament, was contrary to the 2013 Brussels Agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

A European Commission (EC) spokesperson Peter Stano told the Belgrade Beta news agency that the Agreement was still in force and envisaged that Kosovo’s Appellate Court should form a council with a Serb majority in charge of the municipalities where the Serbs created a majority population.

„In this case, that was not respected,“ Stano said, adding the Brussels Agreement was a cornerstone in the process of the normalisation of Kosovo and Serbia relations and that „it must not be undermined.“

Stano added „the EU expects both sides to respect and implement all agreements reached in the Brussels dialogue to the fullest. We also expect them to constructively contribute to reaching a comprehensive, legally binding agreement on the normalisation of relations.“

But he also said the EU „strongly insists that any denial or revisionism of the events from the Western Balkans’ conflict in the 1990s is contrary to the EI values and the region’s integration into the bloc.“

He added the EU called „on everyone to show restraint, respect the victims and work on an honest and credible assessment of the past. The region needs reconciliation, stability and normalisation of relations.“

Kosovo’s Appellate Court rejected as unfounded the appeal to the verdict of the Basic Court in Pristina from December 2019, which sentenced Ivan Todosijevic, a Serb List MP, to two years in prison for denying a massacre of Albanian civilians in the village of Racak in 1998 during the war in the then Serbia’s province.

In 2019, Todosijevic said the 1999 NATO bombing of the then Yugoslavia was „the aggression caused by the so-called humanitarian catastrophe in Kosovo and the made-up Racak.“

The EU-assigned Finish experts’ team investigated the Racak killing, and the team leader Helena Ranta described it as „the crime against humanity.“

In the meantime, Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic also said Racak was „a fabricated crime.“ He described Todosijevic’s verdict as terrifying and said it was such „only because a Serb List MP told the truth about Racak, the truth about everything that had happened to the Serbs.“