EU ends speculations: Non-paper about Western Balkans doesn’t exist


No non-paper about redrawing the borders in the Western Balkans has circulated among the European Council members, nor any Council’s body has discussed the issue, an unsigned statement has said on Thursday, answering an MEP’s question.

That makes the end of speculations about a non-paper allegedly authored by the Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa and sent to the European Union leaders last spring.

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The question about the alleged document, which caused lots of turbulence in the region, was raised in July by a Slovenian MEP Klemen Groselj, a member of several European Parliament (EP) committees dealing with the Western Balkans.

“The issues from that document would have far-reaching consequences on regional countries’ political stability and serious effects on the EU policy toward the whole Western Balkans,” Groselj said in July, seeking access to the controversial document regardless of the possible level of its secrecy.

Jansa denied authoring the document, and the EU officials said they had ever seen the paper on redrawing the borders.

The document allegedly suggests that Republika Srpska (Serb- dominated semi-autonomous region within Bosnia and Herzegovina) joins Serbia, parts of Montenegro and North Macedonia with Albanian majority enter Albania and that western Herzegovina joins Croatia.

The EU officials have earlier said that the Western Balkans borers were “a closed issue.”


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