EU-Belgrade talks about inter-party dialogue postponed

Source: N1

The talks between Serbia's Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic, and the European Union's representative David McAllister, originally scheduled for Thursday was postponed, N1 has reported.

N1 was told by the European Parliament the announcement would be published after the two officials’ meeting was held.

MEP Tanja Fajon said earlier this week that more details about the continuation of the inter-party dialogue would be known on Thursday, after an agreement between Dacic and McAllister.

She also announced that talks would start online due to the pandemic.

Fajon said that McAllister told her the official Belgrade asked for her exemption in the dialogue between European and Serbia’s parliamentarians, adding it was unacceptable for Brussels because the EU had clear internal rules on representation.

The reason for the delay was not specified, but it was believed it was due to the Belgarde’s demand regarding Fajon’s participation in the dialogue.

In the meantime, Fajon described the atmosphere regarding the dialogue was frustrating.