EU and Serbia cooperate on inclusive education

Branko Ružić, Emanuele Žiofre

Serbia's Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Branko Ruzic, and the Head of the European Union Delegation in the country Emanuele Giaufret, signed on Monday a project on inclusive education for children and students in need of additional support, especially those with disabilities.

Ruzic said Serbia had broadly reformed laws and public policies in relevant areas to include the children from vulnerable groups’ rights, including changes in education.

„Our laws are based on the principles of children’s rights, non-discrimination and social inclusion, which makes them largely in line with international standards,“ Ruzic said.

Giaufret has said that although we are not all the same, we must support all human potentials, and inclusion is a fundamental value for the education system in Serbia and the EU.

„This project is part of the support package provided by the EU for Serbia’s education system for the last 15 years,“ Giaufret said, adding the EU will continue to support the education system in Serbia.


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