Commissioner: Interview with rapist serves no purpose

NEWS 28.09.2022 22:15
brankica janković n1
Source: N1

Serbia’s Equality Protection Commissioner Brankica Jankovic said that tabloid Informer’s interview with Igor Milosevic, a serial rapist with multiple convictions, serves no purpose.

Jankovic said the interview lacks context and sensibility and fails to avoid disturbing the public and exposing victims to additional victimization and suffering.

„The media should comprehensively provide relevant information, respect professional and ethical standards, having in mind, in the first place, the protection of victims,” said the Commissioner in a written statement, adding that the media should not promote the idea of bypassing the institutions in resolving this complex issue and or that of taking justice into one’s own hands.

Jankovic said that the sensationalist approach undermines the society’s efforts to resolve the big problem of gender-based violence.

Informer editor in chief Dragan Vucicevic told the daily Danas that the motive for publishing the interview was – “journalism.”