EP’s Bilčík: Inter-party dialogue in Serbia to resume in early April

Source: N1

The European Parliament (EP) chief negotiator in Serbia's inter-party dialogue Vladimir Bilčík said on Monday he expected the negotiations between the country's ruling and opposition parties about the election's conditions to secure the participation of all political organisations in the 2022 ballot would resume early next month.

„As soon as it becomes possible after the vaccination speeds up and we can travel, we’ll be in Belgrade. A final phase to reach an agreement will be held as soon as possible, hopefully in summer or early autumn. That is very important to leave enough time before the kick-off of the election campaign,“ Biličík, also the EP Rapporteur for Serbia.

He added the inter-party dialogue was „one of Serbia’s key priorities“ on its road to the EU.

„I believe that all politicians in Serbia take the dialogue seriously. I hope those who did not participate in the last elections would use the possibility to involve in the country’s politics through democratic institutions actively. Besides, those in power have a responsibility to improve the situation for a political competition in Serbia,“ Bilčík said.